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Whether you have one site or multiple, 5GN’s Managed Network provides you with an agile and secure network to connect to your data at ultra-high speeds and with minimal latency.

Our Premium Ethernet, Wireless Ethernet and NBN offerings ensure choice and connectivity flexibility.

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Premium Ethernet

The flexible way to connect to your data and applications at ultra high speeds with minimal latency. Powered by the 5GN Managed Network, we connect your business to the cloud, data centre and beyond.

Wireless Ethernet

The ideal solution enabling businesses with flexibility and agility, supporting geographic locations with limited service from ‘fixed’ access methods. Wireless ethernet boasts Quality of Service, speeds of up to 100Mbps in many cases and best of all, your business can leverage the service within days, not weeks.

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How connecting your single or multi-site location to the internet, cloud, data centre and beyond can look…

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