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5G Networks enables clients to combine fibre access and 5G Network's own wireless network:

Together they create a seamless, integrated platform allowing business to manage how data is channelled across the mediums, and providing redundant capacity in the event that one fails.  Better still 5G Networks will offer a next business day wireless installation service within its coverage area.

           A typical end customer network design solution 

           A typical end customer network design solution 

Customers can use a combination of a wireless and fibre link to provide improved access speeds, or to utilise separate data services across different links. Customers can run critical cloud services across the fibre link and all other internet type services across the wireless link, eliminating potential congestion and ensuring that business critical applications have data network priority.

This “Layer 2” service provides clients control over their own data, voice and video services across the network. Customers can rely on 5G Network’s fully managed and designed Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) service which allows all shapes and sizes of data to be seamlessly delivered across the network via the quickest and shortest path. MPLS also ensures reliability, quality, restoration of speeds and security.


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